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Job Seekers 

We have 2 set of offerings for Job Seekers, you can browse through the list of current vacancies and readily give first level interview at any closest Interview Center by booking an appointment or alternatively Create a Video Resume as any closet Interview Center which can be accessed by registered Placement Agencies and Employers.  Visit our Registered Interview Center or Contact Us Online for more Details. 

Direct Interview

Create Video Resume

For Registration Click Here

Search Job-Vacancy Mandates and Take Appointment for Facing an Interview

Once to go through the lit of job vacancies and a very sure that you fit in the mentioned pre requisites by employer you can take an Interview Appointment and our consultant will guide you. You will be interview by our registered trained Interviewer and the Interview Recording will be send to the Employer for shortlisting along with your contact details.  

Take and Appointment to Create a Video Resume at one of our Interview Center 

Once appointment request is submitted our consultant will contact you to help you prepare for creation of Video Resume at Interview Center ensuring that you are prepared on Day of Appointment. 

Thanks to Interview Station for finding a Suitable Job for my Profile. I just had to submit a Video Resume and i got 3 Calls within a week for 2nd Round of Interview. 

Ashutosh Desai, ( System Administrator ). 

I gave Automated Video Interviews at Kothrud, Pune Interview Station for 2 vacancies and got a call for 2nd round of Interview and got placed withing 15 Days. Thanks to Interview Station Team.  Suresh Chauvan, ( Sr. Android Developer ) 

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