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Video Resumes & Video Interviews
For and On Behalf Of Employers

Interview Centers

What are Interview Centers ?  Interview Centers at Conveniently Located State of Art Centers in Cities which Facilitates Creation of Video Resumes & Conduct Interviews against received job opportunity mandates from Employers. We are not a Placement Company but are Facilitators for Candidates, Employers & Placement Agencies.  

What is Interview Station ?  - A Interview Center may have 1 or Multiple Interview Stations which are Cloud Based Software as Service and System through which a Job Aspirant can give First Level Video Interview or can Create Online Video Resume which as accessed by all associated Placement Agencies & Employers. 

Video Resumes

Video Resumes are created and tagged with related keywords, stored in Database which is accessed by using related keywords by Employers & Placement Agencies looking for related candidates.

Video Interviews

Interview are conducted on behalf of Employers as per the mandate received. These interviews are based on questions given by employer and the interviews are video recorded and uploaded in system for the employer to review and take related decision on hiring.

Upskilling & Training

Apart from Creation of Video Resume and Conducting Video Resumes Workshops by Experienced and Renowned Faculty Members and Trainer are conducted in Batches to Upskill Candidates. ( Communication Skills, Personality Development and more.


- Creation of Professional Quality Video Resume at Nominal Cost.

- Link of Video Resume Shared Back with Candidate.

- Video Resume is Accessed by Employers & Placement Agencies.

- Video Interviews can be given at any nearest Interview Station.

- Access to job openings from different employers at 1 Location.

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- Free Access to Video Resume Database via Keyword Search.

- We Conduct Interviews at Zero Cost to Employers.

- Free Access to Contact Details of All Video Resumes. 

- No Hidden Charges for Employers & Placement Agencies

- Only Serious Candidates, Not Any Free Job Post Application. 

Service Charges

Whom & Why do we Charge For Our Services ? 

We Take Nominal Charge from Candidates as Facilitation cost by 

Video Resume Creation ( Includes Sharing Link with Candidate & Adding it to Interview Station Talent Pool Accessed by Employers & Agencies ) 

- Guiding and Creating a Good Video Resume at Center with ( Backdrop, Lights, Camera and guidance ) 

- Sharing link of Video Resume Back to Candidate which he can share ahead for Job Applications 

- Sharing Link in Talent Pool Access by all Registered Employers & Placement Agencies Finding suitable Candidates for their Vacancies 

Asynchronous Video Interview Conducting ( Includes - Sourcing of vacancy, Coordinating Question, Sharing Video Interviews with Employers ) 

- Reducing his travel cost and time to employers spread across the city , Or Centers are Conveniently Located. 

- Giving Flexibility of Time of Interview as it is conducted at Interview Centre ( Recording of which as Shared with Employer for Shortlisting )

What Do We Charge For Our Services ? 

Service Charges Varies on 3 Important Points. 

- Location of Interview Center ( These Locations are Conveniently Located which is according to City, Country.  

- Cost of Staff & Overheads ( Staff, Consultants, Interviewers and related Infrastructure cost to facilitate Video Resume & Video Interview )

- If Employer Wishes to Share the Cost of Service - It acts as Subsidy for that Interview. 

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